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Goguen v. Crowe, 1987

Medical Illustration for the Defense Attorney: Case Study


My Role:




Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Canadian courtroom (defense)
Dr. Leila Lax

One of three illustrators/designers. My co-designers were:
 Marina Spyridis & April Brust

Award of Excellence in Student Didactic-Instructional Surgical and Clinical Procedures (Association of Medical Illustrators 2016)


To create a three panel illustration for the defense (Dr. Crowe) who was being charged for allegedly causing injury to baby Goguen with the improper use of forceps. These illustrations give the audience a better understanding of medical procedures the doctor had performed by accurately laying out the key concepts. Some challenges that were considered in the final layout was determining which anatomical views a lay audience would find most familiar with. A pastel colour scheme was chosen to suggest a safe and clinical environment.

the collaborative process

Assigned Roles

To create the three panel illustration, it involved researching, designing, drafting, rendering, and compiling. Each of us wanted to at least have a chance to experience each phase so we decided to divide up the tasks and switch roles at certain points.


As a group we came up with colours that inspired us and determined the style we wanted to convey. We wanted to achieve a realistic look that still had illustrative characteristics. Since this work is for the defense attorney we did not want the audience to be too emotionally attached to the piece.  

Style Guide

After finalizing initial sketches, drawings were pathed in Adobe Illustrator to create outline and base colours. This was then taken into Adobe Photoshop for rendering. Each member took turns adding shading, textures and final details such as highlights. 

Draft & Rendering


After rendering all the assets for the panel, assets were composited into Adobe Illustrator for labeling and increasing salience on any of the drawings, vector shapes and effects.

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