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The Hunt: To Save

the Whales





My Role:


Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel

Scientists and general audience

Infographic, data visualization

Dr. Jodie Jenkinson

Biomedical Communication Designer

Educational infographic comparing the affects of whaling on whale populations 


Create an informative visual based on a data set that is concise, simple and can be easily understood.

the process

Growing up, I was always drawn to whales and had even studied them during my graduate studies. I had some knowledge about whaling history but wanted to bring into light the affects it had on different whale populations over a period of time.


When I started researching on the topic more, some populations didn't have records for each year, so I am only showing populations that had yearly records. I used datasets from NOAA fisheries. 

I quickly plotted out the data to get a general idea of what it would look like. I immediately noticed the scales were somewhat different especially with the minke whale. This posed a great design challenge for me. Keeping this in mind, I sketched out a few ideas, one was more illustrative, another was less illustrative and then came up with the current design that was a combo of both. 

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