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My Role:


A photo repository and educational bedside training online tool to aid nurses in diagnosing patients for rheumatoid arthritis

WordPress, HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator

Medical students, nurses and doctors

Website, Tablet application

Dr. Lori Albert

Biomedical Communication Designer, UI/Web Designer

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*Website has been updated by Tiffanie Tse, 2017

the problem

Dr. Lori Albert had a collection of photos (over 100 pages) of physical findings in rheumatoid diseases that she used as a bedside teaching tool for nurses to use to identify these findings when diagnosing their patients. Often times, her and her students would be taking too much time flipping through the book. Dr. Albert decided it would be feasible to create an online version of this booklet and would be easily portable on a tablet.


Create an online photo gallery of her existing photo collection that is easily accessible for medical students,  nurses, doctors, faculty to use when diagnosing their patients. 

the process

As the web designer for this project, I worked alongside Dr. Lori Albert to create an online tool that she and her users would be satisfied with. This project was part of a student internship and was short-term (2-3 months), therefore, we decided to create a website using WordPress. 


During the initial phase, I narrowed down on the "must-haves" and mocked up a few wireframes for her to decide. Below are some examples. 


After finalizing features and user workflow, I started finding a template on WordPress that would best serve the purpose of this website, started creating assets (icons) and figuring out style and colours. I decided on the colour scheme of blues and purples based on other arthritis organizations that have used these colours.

Icon Examples
Logo Design Ideas
Illustrative Figure of the Shoulder Anatomy

Under the guidance of Dr. Lori Albert, she wanted an illustration figure of the shoulder anatomy shown on her website. I created this figure by sketching out the figure, confirmed with Dr. Albert the accuracy, lined and vectorized the drawing in Adobe Illustrator, rendered in Adobe Photoshop and then compiled assets into Adobe Illustrator.

2 tsp.


Final Product

Although there were some challenges along the way when creating this product including finding the right photo gallery plugin, logo design, backend integration, Dr. Lori Albert had tested it out with her colleagues and received a positive response by improving efficiency during training. Everyone was satisfied with the result. She has also proposed and presented the tool at conferences including the 2016 Canadian Rheumatology Association Meeting, Lake Louise, AB.

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